Low Pressure Diffusion Upgrade

Vacuum Tube Closure of LP Diffusion Furnace

The LP (Low Pressure) POCl3 Diffusion Upgrade is intended for customers operating the centrotherm DIFF-X-2000-300-5 extended flat atmospheric pressure diffusion furnace.

Low pressure processing achieves optimized homogeneity at high emitter resistivities and higher throughput. Furthermore, it enables a wider process parameter range that is required for new technologies under implementation
as well as future technologies.

Therefore, we developed a new 2-seal tube closure and exhaust line to handle POCl3 condensation problems.  Also the vacuum pressure can be varied in a wide range, which enables flexible recipe designs. For fast pressure ramp up high flow MFCs are installed additionally.


  • Best-in-class homogeneity at high emitter resistivities
  • Outstanding process flexibility
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Lower media and utility consumption
  • Higher throughput due to back-to-back loading
  • Minimized factory footprint