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PECVD Boat Maintenance Upgrade

PECVD Graphite Boat

centrotherm PECVD systems are designed to ensure maximum system uptimes. Given that the deposition is limited to the wafers and graphite boats, the process tubes are only marginally impacted by parasite coating and have to be cleaned fairly once a year. As a rule, the cleaning and re-etching of the process boats is costly and time consuming since they have to be disassembled and reassembled.

The new patented centrotherm process boats dispense with the need for dismantling and thereby allows our customers to save a good deal of time and added staff. Moreover, yield declines and the risk of damages to the boats as a result of improper handling are also minimized.

The central innovations include modified ceramic and graphite spacers with included purge channels. Consequently, preparing the boats for re-etching consists only of the partial loosening of a few connecting pins, while the overall structure of the boat remains unchanged.


  • Time savings for regular maintenance work
  • Reduced risk of damaging components
  • Cuts down the number of boats per system thanks to the reduced cleaning times
  • Boat drying can be performed at higher temperatures
  • Minimized penetration of etching residues into reactor chamber
  • Yield losses resulting from inaccurate boat installations are prevented