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Barcelona, 10.09.2008

The centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co. KG is these days present at the European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ECSCRM 2008) in Barcelona. The company looks back to a successful year in the Silicon Carbide (SiC) market. centrotherm thermal solutions has sold four more furnaces for high temperature SiC wafer processing in 2008 – three to Europe, one to Japan.

centrotherm thermal solutions is a supplier in the SiC processing niche market. The company offers two different vertical furnaces for Silicon Carbide processing:

  • centrotherm Activator 150 – for SiC activation and annealing up to 1850° C
  • centrotherm Oxidator 150 – for SiC oxidation up to 1400° C

SiC wafers are increasingly being applied for the production of Schottky diodes or MOSFETs (metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors). MOSFETs and Schottky diodes are used for high frequency applications as they are extremely fast-switching and the temperature has no influence on the switching behaviour. That’s why they are used for solar inverters or industrial motor drivers. The advantages of SiC-based devices compared to Si-based ones are obvious and significant:

  • Power loss of SiC-based semiconductors is 1/10 of Si-based semiconductors which means reduction of energy consumption.
  • SiC has a three times larger thermal conductivity of 4.9W/cmK as Silicon (Si). This make SiC devices more efficient and less delicate towards heat. Therefore, no complicated power and space consuming cooling systems are required.
  • SiC is heat resistant up to 600° C which opens up new possibilities for challenging fields of applications in extreme environments e.g. for exhaust sensors in the automotive market

“Numerous customers worldwide have chosen centrotherm SiC processing furnaces as the systems offer high flexibility combined with proven process capability,” says Uwe Keim, Product Manager SiC, centrotherm thermal solutions. “Besides, centrotherm thermal solutions offers affordable solutions not only to the electronics and automotive industry but also to small institutes,” he adds.

centrotherm thermal solutions looks back to more than 30 years experience in the development and production of semiconductor processing equipment and is active in the SiC market for more than 7 years. The company is in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer IISB (Institute for Integrated Systems and Electronic Devices) in Erlangen regarding SiC R&D activities.

centrotherm Activator 150 and centrotherm Oxidator 150 are available as R&D version for up to 5 wafers per batch or production version for up to 50 wafers per batch. The equipment is very flexible and is designed to handle wafer sizes of 2”, 3”, 100 mm, 150 mm or any combination. This allows the customers to intermix different substrate diameters within the same process run which contributes to reduce the Cost of Ownership (CoO) for the single process by more then a factor 5 compared to standard tools. This makes it a suitable tool for all purposes.

At ECSCRM 2008 which takes place from 7 to 11 September 2008 in the Axa Auditorium in Barcelona, centrotherm thermal solutions will present the latest solutions and technological progress, meet with the worldwide SiC community, and discuss the trends within the SiC market.


  • Activator 150
  • Oxidator 150
  • SiC Applications
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For more than 30 years, centrotherm thermal solutions has designed, produced and sold high-end equipment as well as components for thermal semiconductor and photovoltaic processes. The range of products includes horizontal and vertical furnaces, conveyor furnaces, vacuum soldering ovens as well as process technology services. The photovoltaic equipment is exclusively marketed by the sister company centrotherm photovoltaics AG.

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