c.FLEXCON Ceramics

Conveyor belt furnace for ceramic high-temperature materials such as ceramic fibres

c.FLEXCON Ceramics has been exclusively designed for the treatment or manufacture of fibrous or filigree glass-like or ceramic materials.

During the process, the materials undergo an exact temperature profile and can be treated with a defined amount of process gas under precisely adjusted flow conditions.  By transporting on a conveyor belt, specially fibre-shaped materials are spared and can be guided by the furnace without further strain. The furnace is ideal for delicate structures that have a greater shrinkage during temperature treatment. Examples include fibrous ceramic materials or delicate components from the 3 D printing.


  • Temperature range 700 – 1000 °C
  • High temperature accuracy
  • Defined gas flow conditions and volume
  • Conveyor belt, which fulfills the requirements of fibrous or filigree high-temperature material
  • Muffle made of a special high-temperature alloy