c.OXI Carbon

c.OXI Carbon Stabilisierungsofen

Oven for the stabilization of carbon percursors

With c.OXI Carbon, the new technology for the stabilization of precursor fibers, centrotherm sets a new standard in the manufacturing of carbon fibers.

The new technology is characterized by a significantly, up to 50 %, lowered energy consumption and an acceleration of the stabilization process of up to 30 %. Thereby, manufacturing costs for the final product carbon fiber can be significantly reduced.

In contrast to conventional stabilization concepts which operate with high volume of hot air and circulation air, the centrotherm technology merely requires low amounts of process gas. This results in massive energy savings and in a simplified exhaust gas after treatment. Finely graduated quasi-digital temperature zones and modern control technology enable a quasi-autothermal process management and a direct response on the stabilization progress.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized process by tailored oxygen concentration
  • Significant reduction of process time and high throughput
  • Energy savings in stabilization of persursor fibers
  • Low process gas volume, no circulation air
  • Broad variety of process atmospheres possible
  • Well-suitable for PAN and alternative percursors such as cellulose, lignin etc.
  • Small amount of highly concentrated exhaust gas simplifies after-treatment

Stabilization Process

Digital Heating Zones of c.LAB Carbon

Process results

Properties of stabilized PAN Fiber
Properties of stabilized PAN Fiber