c.VACUNITE 300 A Automatisierter Vakuumlötofen
c.VACUNITE 300 A Automatisierter Vakuumlötofen
c.VACUNITE 300 A Automatisierter Vakuumlötofen mit Roboter

Automated vacuum soldering furnace for high-volume production

c.VACUNITE 300 A has an automated sliding door and enables soldering processes in a temperature range up to 450 °C in high-volume production. The system is based on the highly flexible proven modular c.VACUNITE concept. The customer has the choice of many different process gases for various applications in the field of MEMS, power semiconductor, advanced packaging and optoelectronics. In principle, the system can also be used for many other applications and products.

The basic model with a chamber volume of 300 liters is equipped with nitrogen and hydrogen gas lines. Depending on the customer`s end product, application and materials to be soldered, two additional gas lines can be added. The entire c.VACUNITE product family offers the possibility to run processes with the following gases: N2/H2 (95/5 %), 100 % H2, HCOOH (formic acid).

The software and recipe creation is characterized by the well-known comfort of a touch panel PC. For traceability all process parameters (temperature, pressure, gas flows, etc.) are evaluated.

According to throughput requirements centrotherm provides fully automated system concepts for the integration into automated production lines. A single six-axis robot is capable of loading 1 to 4 tools. The modular design enables progressive throughput enhancements by adding individual tools.


  • Automated sliding door
  • Designed for automated production lines
  • Soldering with paste/flux
  • Process temperature up to 450°C with excellent temperature uniformity
  • Heating ramp up to 40 K/min
  • Cooling rate up to 150 K/min
  • Vacuum level up to 10-1 mbar


  • Advanced Packaging
  • Power Semiconductor
  • Hybrid Microelectronic Assemblies
  • Hermetic Package Sealing
  • Wafer Level Packaging
  • UHB LED Packaging
  • MEMS Package Sealing
  • Thermal processing in clean atmospheres
  • Annealing
  • Oxidation