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c.DIFF LP Low Pressure Diffusion Furnace

Vacuum Tube Closure of LP Diffusion Furnace
Low-Pressure diffusion furnace c.DIFF LP

Tube furnace for low pressure diffusion processes

c.DIFF LP is centrotherm‘s highly versatile diffusion system for a reliable emitter generation in high-performance solar cell processing. The low-pressure system is deployed in both, p-type and n-type c-Si solar cell manufacturing.

Thanks to its broad and flexible process capability and performance, c.DIFF LP offers excellent and repeatable results regarding emitter homogeneity even at high sheet resistivities of 180 Ω/square.

The high flexibility of the centrotherm tube furnace, which accommodates varying production capacity utilization and process variations, is yet another key benefit of the product. Moreover, the ability to separately control the individual process tubes ensures continuous operation - even while maintenance work is being performed or in case of individual tube shut down.

Depending on fab and production requirements the system is available in various configurations, e.g. regarding operating pressure, capacity and automation level.


  • High-efficiency solar cell processing
    • Exceptional emitter uniformities
    • Higher sheet resistance (250 Ω/square)
    • Next generation diffusion processes for advanced cell concepts, e.g. TopCon
    • Rapid change of gas atmosphere allows to establish new diffusion recipes and to fine-tune emitter profiles
  • Lowest cost of ownership
    • Minimized factory footprint by reducing number of tools at same capacity
    • Lower media and utility consumption
      (up to 50% POCl3 and up to 75% BBr3 savings)


    • Low pressure Phosphorus Diffusion (POCl3)
    • Low pressure Boron Diffusion (BBr3)
    • Optional AP Diffusion: POCl3, BBr3, BCl3
    • Wet and dry oxidation (optional: DCE, HCl)
    • Annealing (e.g. N2, H2)
    • Further processes upon request