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c.DIFF LP Low Pressure Diffusion Furnace

Vacuum Tube Closure of LP Diffusion Furnace

Tube furnace for low pressure diffusion processes

With the development of the Low Pressure Diffusion Furnace, centrotherm sets new standards in emitter formation for crystalline p-type and n-type solar cells.

Thanks to the new low pressure process our customers achieve excellent homogeneities at emitter resistivities of 150 Ω/square. Due to high throughput and low media consumption, the furnace produces high performance solar cells with low cost of ownership and facility footprint.

The high flexibility of the centrotherm tube furnace, which accommodates varying production capacity utilization and process variations, is yet another key benefit of the product. Moreover, the ability to separately control the individual process tubes ensures continuous operation - even while maintenance work is being performed or in case of individual tube shut down.


  • Excellent homogeneity at high emitter resistivities and reproducibility
  • p-type and n-type solar cell processing
  • Diffusion on both wafer sides
    (extended gettering effect of phosphorus improves material quality)
  • High availability thanks to redundancy
  • Maximum purity (residue-free gas phase diffusion)
  • Configuration based on production capacity possible
    (number of process tubes, optional back-to-back lading)
  • Up to 5 independently operated quartz tubes
  • Low media and utility consumption
  • Minimized factory footprint


  • Phosphorus Diffusion (POCl3)
  • Boron Diffusion (BBr3)