BiSoN n-Type Technology

In the context of the BiSoN Alliance centrotherm and ISC Konstanz (International Solar Energy Research Center) provide a technology and equipment package for the manufacturing of bi-facial n-type c-Si solar cells.

Developed by ISC Konstanz, BiSoN solar cells feature conversion efficiencies of 21,5-22% and are not affected by LID (light induced degradation), which reduces module power shortly after installation. Bi-facial solar modules not only generate energy on the front side by direct solar irradiation but also absorb diffuse and reflected light on the rear side. Combined with higher cell efficiencies this leads to an energy yield 30% higher than standard solar modules with equal dimensions.

BiSoN technology is based on well proven manufacturing processes developed on centrotherm equipment and is set up for a cost effective and reliable mass production of high-performance solar cells.

By installing three additional process steps the technology can easily and economically be integrated into existing p-type solar cell lines and is fully compatible with standard module assembly and corresponding production steps.