centaurus PERC Technology

centaurus PERC Solar Cell
centaurus PERC Solar Cell Cross Section

centrotherm’s centaurus technology is based on a PERC cell structure with rear side passivation through a dielectric layer and a local aluminum back-surface field (Al-LBSF). The improved cell structure significantly reduces recombination losses on the solar cell rear side by minimizing the contact area between the silicon and the contact metal without incurring a significant impact on the contact resistance.

We offer different solutions to our customers for getting into production of high-efficiency PERC solar cells which is depending on wafer material and process flow. In case the dielectric stack is deposited prior to the diffusion process, we recommend our centaurus SiONx process for rear side passivation of mono-crystalline cells. The centrotherm AlOx solution is the better choice, if the dielectric layer is deposited after the diffusion process. For multi-crystalline solar cell processing the centaurus AlOx process is the most cost-effective solution.

Mono-crystalline centaurus solar cells with centrotherm SiONx or AlOx rear side passivation reach cell efficiencies of 21 - 21.5% not only in the laboratory, but also in mass production.

Since both centaurus PERC technologies are based on the proven centrotherm PECVD system platform which has been installed worldwide more than 1000 times, they can easily be integrated into mass production. Especially the integration of centaurus AlOx process into existing solar cell production facilities is faster and easier compared to inline and ALD systems. For the expansion of production capacities of 100 to 120 MW we offer our c.PLASMA PECVD system with AlOx process, consisting of two c.PLASMA with TMA cabinet and one twin handling system.