c.LAB R&D System

centrotherm R&D system
R&D diffusion process
PECVD boat for R&D system

Batch-type system for R&D c-Si solar cell applications

The centrotherm R&D tube system has been specifically designed for the diverse process requirements of solar cell production research & development. This system is not only ideal for the processing of small batches, but is just as excellent for large batches, for instance those used to evaluate process results in the production environment.

Among the key characteristics of the tube system are its supreme process performance, the small footprint and the low overall cost of ownership combined with high levels of process flexibility for a wide spectrum of different applications.



  • Up to 4 independently operating quartz tubes (option: SIC)
  • Chamber options can be chosen depending on the process (available in 2- or 4-tube versions)
  • Clean automated boat loading (soft lander)
  • Processing of small (R&D) and production based batches possible (evaluation)
  • Water cooling system prevents thermal interference between different process tubes
  • Minimized heat load in the production environment
  • The modular design facilitates installation and start-up


  • Atmospheric
    - Diffusion (POCl3, BBr3, optional: B2H6, PH3)
    - Wet and dry oxidation (optional: DCE, HCl)
    - Contact sintering
    - Annealing
  • Low pressure
    - LP POCl3
    - LP BBr3
    - Oxide
    - Nitride
    - Oxinitride
    - Polysilicon (doped and undoped)
    - Silicon nitride
    - Oxide (TEOS, LTO, HTO, etc.)
    - Oxinitride