PECVD Graphite Boat
Anti-Reflective Coating and Passivation of Solar Cells

Next generation high-throughput PECVD system

The revolutionary c.PLASMA X batch-type PECVD system will push the boarders for the PV industry. Based on the well-proven centrotherm platform with more than 1000 units installed worldwide, it sets new standards for highest throughput. With its outstanding process performance and lowest total cost of ownership it will soon become a new PV industry reference.

The new 10-tube design concept provides the same maximum flexibility and system availability as known from its predecessor. On top, it delivers remarkable footprint savings with its integrated TMA supply and vacuum pumps. It still ensures smooth operation in case of varying production loads and process sequences. Even in case of single tube downtime - due to maintenance, process optimization or shutdown - the remaining tubes enable continuous wafer throughput.


  • Excellent passivation characteristics
  • Integrated surface conditioning (good adhesion, no blistering)
  • Variable process sequences for multiple and graded layers
  • High availability thanks to redundancy and short cycle times
  • 10 quartz tube reactor chambers (option: 5 stack version)
  • Fully automated boat transport
  • Water cooling system prevents thermal interference between different tubes
  • The modular design facilitates installation and start-up as well as the integration into existing production lines


  • Silicon Nitride (SiNx) PECVD
  • Silicon Oxide (SiOx) PECVD
  • Silicon Oxynitride (SiONx) PECVD
  • Aluminum Oxide (AlOx) PECVD
  • Multi-layer
  • Further processes upon request