Low Temperature Microwave Plasma Oxidation

c.PLASMOX LT is a leading edge semiconductor tool for growing high quality oxides and nitrided oxides at low temperatures for applications in advanced CMOS processing for logic and memory devices.

The use of microwave plasma generation enables thin oxides to be grown at very low temperatures (as low as 200°C) with mechanical and electrical properties equivalent to high temperature thermally-grown oxides.

The modular tool provides configurations for advanced R&D through high volume manufacturing on 200 mm or 300 mm wafers.


  • All plasma processes below 650 °C
  • Atomically smooth oxide interfaces
  • Damage free plasma processing
  • Excellent conformality independent of crystal orientation or doping
  • Breakdown, leakage and interface state density comparable to high temperature oxides
  • Oxidation rate on Si3N4 similar to that on silicon
  • Potential to oxidize or nitridize other materials (Ge, or other materials for advanced memories)
  • In situ anneal up to 950°C


  • STI liners
  • High k dielectric interface reliability improvement
  • Interfacial oxide formation and anneal
  • Densification of deposited oxides
  • FinFET gate oxidation
  • Oxidation of metals for RRAM and MRAM