c.RAPID 200

c.RAPID 200 RTP system
c.RAPID 200 Loading Ports

Rapid Thermal Processing System for Compound Semiconductors, Silicon and SiC

c.RAPID 200 is a flexible, automatic Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) system for providing uniform, controlled heating to silicon, germanium and compound semiconductor wafers and pieces under inert or reactive process ambients. centrotherm brings precise temperature and ambient control as well as automatic or semi-automatic wafer handling to small wafer sizes at a reasonable cost.

c.RAPID 200 provides optional vacuum operation and a well-controlled gas management and covers a wide range of heating conditions from 200 to 1200°C within the time range of seconds to a few minutes. The advanced pyrometer-based temperature control enables outstanding thermal accuracy and repeatability.

The modular design allows various configurations for development, small scale pilot production through high volume manufacturing with the same process chamber and process recipes.


    • Processing of many materials including Silicon, compound semiconductors (e.g. SiC, GaN, InP, GaAs, etc.), sapphire, etc.
    • Ability to process wafers or pieces on susceptors or in boxes
    • Fully automatic or semi-automatic wafer handling including the option to handle multiple wafers per run
    • Advanced feedback temperature control using optical pyrometry
    • Temperature range of 200°C to 1200°C
    • Processing of wafer sizes of 100 to 200 mm
    • Excellent uniformity and repeatability
    • Low pressure operation


    • Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)
      • Ion implant annealing
      • Contact annealing / metallization annealing
      • Source/drain anneal
      • Barrier metal anneal
      • Further RTA applications
    • Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO)
    • Silicide formation (Ti, Co, Ni, Pt, etc.)
    • PSG reflow
    • Dopant activation
    • Further RTP applications