Full System Check

Inspection and maintenance of centrotherm production equipment

A full system check entails the inspection and maintenance of the entire centrotherm system. The security system, as well as the mechanical and electronic properties, are checked for proper functioning and settings. If necessary, expert adjustments will be made by our experienced service engineers. The status of your equipment is subsequently documented in our centrotherm checklist and we recommend the actions to be taken to optimize your equipment and its useful life.

Based on the full system check, we will compile an optional catalog of measures that lists all essential preventative maintenance work as well as the required spare and replacement parts.

As they conduct their inspection, our technicians will also identify any optimization potential of your system and will compile a customized upgrade quotation for you.

The cost, as well as the time required for a full system check the necessary downtime vary depending on the type of system you have in operation. We will be pleased to conduct an individual consultation at your convenience.

We recommend that you have a full system check conducted once a year in order to always keep your centrotherm equipment on a consistently high production output level.