Spare Parts

Given the different conditions, our production systems are exposed to wear and tear, especially with regard to the mechanical components. This is a natural process that eventually necessitates replacements. If you are working with centrotherm equipment, we recommend the exclusive use of original centrotherm spare and replacement parts. Our ability to guarantee the continued safety, dependability and cost effectiveness of the system is contingent upon this precondition. Moreover, the use of original parts ensures optimum and precise fits, which can reduce repair times and therefore potentially the downtime of the system. As a result, you will benefit from considerable cost advantages.

We offer original spare and replacement parts that comply with our quality standards for all centrotherm systems. Parts compliance is checked by our incoming goods inspectors. In addition, we offer budget priced spare parts packages that have been specifically assembled for warehousing and preventative maintenance purposes.

All of our spare and replacement parts are delivered to their destinations from our central warehouse in Germany and our support warehouses around the globe are subjected to our continuous quality improvement processes.