Production Equipment

Teaser Horizontal Furnace

centrotherm offers production systems for various technologies and applications, such as logic and memory devices (e.g. Flash, DRAM), power semiconductors (e.g. Si, SiC), LED, SMT, MEMS or sensor technology.

In addition to standard process systems we offer customized solutions.

Service & Support

centrotherm continues to support you with service offerings and consulting services after commissioning and enables the further improvement of existing production systems through upgrades.

In addition, our demo laboratory allows the development of new processes as well as the improvement of already established processes.


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Worldwide customer base

Our vast experience in the construction and manufacture of horizontal and vertical furnaces for atmospheric and vacuum processes (e.g. diffusion, oxidation, LPCVD, PECVD) as well as vacuum soldering systems and conveyor furnaces combined with our process technology know-how make us the ideal partner for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry.