As one of the leading developers and manufacturers of production equipment for the semiconductor industry, we offer a broad spectrum of processes for various technologies and applications, such as logic and memory devices (e.g. Flash, DRAM), power semiconductors (e.g. Si, SiC), LED, SMT, MEMS or sensor technology.

  • Annealing (e.g. implant annealing, diffusion),
  • Formation (e.g. LPCVD, plasma oxidation, RTO)
  • Modification (e.g. oxide nitridation and silicide formation) of layers

Our team of highly qualified process engineers devises innovative solutions for the ever more exacting demands of the industry, which mandate the availability of electronic components that are becoming increasingly miniaturized, while offering more functions and higher speed than the previous generation. Therefore the following equipment is applied:

  • Horizontal and vertical batch systems (atmospheric or vacuum processes)
  • Single wafer systems (RTP, low-temperature microwave oxidation)
  • Vertical high temperature furnaces (annealing up to 2000 °C and oxidation up to 1350 °C)

These systems offer manufacturers a maximum of flexibility for their specific requirements. We do not accept any compromises in the continuous further and new development of our solutions when it comes to process quality, safety and production efficiency. We guarantee you, our customers, our superior centrotherm quality standards at all times. In order to enable these aspirations and commitments, we have R&D and demo equipment at our disposal at the headquarters in Blaubeuren. We develop and test processes under conditions that simulate those of actual production scenarios at all these facilities. We not only maintain cooperative arrangements with renowned industry and research partners, but we also work closely in joint research projects with our customers, whom we provide with engineering, service and consulting support.