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As longtime developer and manufacturer of production equipment for the microelectronics industry, we offer a broad spectrum of thermally activated processes for a wide range of technologies and applications, such as thick film processes or DCB , LTCC, and MLCC manufacturing:

  • Soldering of power semiconductors, optoelectronics and high temperature components (atmospheric and high pressure)
  • Drying and sintering for thick film technologies (DS)
  • Firing processes for Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics (LTCC)
  • Firing processes for Multi Layer Chip Capacity (MLCC)
  • Remelting and connection processes for Direct Copper Bonding (DCB)

Our team of highly qualified process engineers devises innovative solutions for the ever more exacting demands of the industry, which mandate the availability of electronic components that are becoming increasingly miniaturized, while offering more functions and higher speed than the previous generation:

  • Oxidizing, reductive and passive process conditions
  • Optimal thermal transition and efficient cooling technology
  • Exact and repeatable temperature control thanks to digital state-of-the-art measuring and control functions
  • Particle-free and low-mass transport apparatus for highly sensitive components
  • Temperature ranges from 20 – 2000°C (according to application)

Furthermore, we put emphasis on total costs of the manufacturing process:

  • Long lifetime, high redundancy and low maintenace efforts
  • Cleanroom-friendly and heat neutral equipment design
  • Designed for cleanroom facilities without heat radiation
  • Low consumption of energy and cooling water thanks to optimal isolation of process chamber
  • Low consumpton of protective gas thanks to optimal load lock technology

We do not accept any compromises when it comes to safety for operator, equipment or production. Thus, a reliable safety concept ensures an optimal individual production process:

  • Access and permission system for equipment control
  • Redundant protection against excess temperature and flammable gases
  • Complete documentation of process parameters
  • High-quality housing offers contact protection from electric components and hot surfaces