Conveyor Belt Furnace c.FLEXCON
Conveyor Belt Furnace c.FLEXCON

Conveyor Belt Furnace for High-Volume Production and R&D

The proven and reliable conveyor belt furnace c.FLEXCON is designed for all thick film applications. The muffle furnace provides a high process capability and ensures an economic and efficient production.

Gas purity and gas flow inside the process channel play a central role to the product quality. c.FLEXCON is characterized by a gas tight muffle with excellent temperature and process gas control. A smooth air flow inside the process muffle ensures optimal process conditions as well as the purging of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

A PLC system with bus connection monitors and controls all relevant process parameters. Data logging of process data for documentation and quality management complements the system.


  • Process temperatures up to 900 °C
  • Gas tight muffle
  • Excellent cross-temperature uniformity
  • Optimal designed air flow
  • Easy temperature profile adjustment by separately controlled heating zones
  • Available in 3 different lengths


  • Thick Film
  • MLCC
  • LTCC


  • High-temperature processing up to 1150 °C
  • Belt cleaning with ultrasonic bath
  • Integrated condensation trap at exhaust
  • Side heating for improved temperature uniformity
  • Integrated profiling device
  • Combination of a dryer and muffle system