Technology Competence

c-Si Solar Cells

centrotherm is one of the world’s pioneers and market leaders in the development of processing technologies for mono and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells and their integration into industrial manufacturing. Driven by our intensive dedication to development work, our customers now attain peak efficiency levels of >22% in mass production.

Solar Cell Development

In the field of solar cell development, we are pursuing an evolutionary approach of cell concepts that build upon and complement each other. This enables us to ensure that our existing customers as well as new accounts will yield equal benefits from the latest cell processes and innovations, which can also be integrated in existing production lines as they are designed as modular technology packages.

Research & Development

In our research & development work, we also engage in cooperative arrangements with leading universities, research institutions and industrial partners. In the past, these partnerships have already resulted in a number of developments that have translated into considerable efficiency boosts in the production of crystalline silicone solar cells. In addition to maintaining and expanding such collaborations, we have also found the experience gained from ramp-up and start-up operations in mass production applications to be of extreme importance. Research & development assists ramp-up processes in the roll-out phase of new technology implementation. Moreover, the close cooperation with our customers play an important role in this process.