c.DEPO X LPCVD system
PV Magazine's "Technology Highlights 2018"

Batch-type LPCVD system for undoped or in-situ doped polysilicon layer deposition

c.DEPO X is designed for LPCVD of doped n+ and p+ type passivated contacts on crystalline silicon wafers.

Based on centrotherm‘s process technology expertise in the semiconductor industry and its state-of-the-art high-throughput batch-type systems, the new LPCVD system opens the door to high conversion efficiencies in mass production thanks to passivated contact solar cells.

Thanks to its broad and flexible process capability, c.DEPO X offers excellent and repeatable results regarding process performance and passivation quality.



ISFH POLO solar cell

POLO solar cell

The Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH), developed a POLO solar cell which holds the current world record on a crystalline p-type wafer with a 26.1 % efficiency. For its research and development partner ISFH, centrotherm has deposited the polysilicon layer of the POLO solar cell in a LPCVD process.

The centrotherm LPCVD production system, the c.DEPO, was included in PV Magazine's "Technology Highlights 2018", and ranks number five among the 25 most innovative production solutions for the photovoltaic industry.