c.FIRE Fast Firing Furnace

c.FIRE Fast Firing Furnace
c.FIRE in Metallization Line
c.FIRE Process Chamber

centrotherm developed the c.FIRE fast firing furnace as a solution for burning out and sintering of solar cell metal contacts, which achieves optimum results combined with maximum process security as well as excellent yields and operating times with all commonly used metallization pastes.

The firing zone is equipped with short wave infrared light elements that deliver optimum results in terms of useful life, as well as process flexibility and results. A VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) handling system consisting of a condenser and electrostatic filter has been fully integrated into the housing and ensures the reliable and energy efficient separation of the solvents released during the drying process.

As the conveyor furnace features a user friendly software interface, performing process parameter checks and functional diagnoses can be performed rapidly and conveniently.

Moreover, the integrated 3-stage dryer enables the integration of the final drying process of a solar cell metallization line and guarantees supreme drying results.


  • High heat-up and cool-down rates provide optimum process control
  • Swinging doors made of safety glass allow quick access for the performance of inspections and maintenance work
  • Touch screen user interface and folding keyboard facilitate operation and process control work
  • Detailed and constant process monitoring guarantee maximum process quality
  • Short wave infrared light elements with constant function monitoring ensure the availability of a consistent process environment
  • Case water cooling and heat insulation minimize the penetration of radiating heat into the production environment
  • In-situ brush-belt cleaning (available option: ultrasound)
  • Exhaust gas processing (VOC-handling and E-filter) integrated into the dryer
  • Optionally available without integrated dryer


  • Firing of front side metallization
  • Alloying of rear side contact
  • Overcompensation of n+ layer and gettering of metallic impurities (Al-BSF formation)
  • Release of hydrogen from SiN-layer for passivation of silicon defects
  • Drying of metallization paste
  • Solar cell regeneration