c.REG Regeneration Furnace

c.REG Solar Cell Regeneration Furnace
c.REG Regenerator with Solar Cells

After first exposure to light mono-crystalline p-type solar cells might suffer performance losses due to light induced degradation (LID). This effect is ascribed to recombination active boron oxygen (B-O) complexes in the wafer bulk that reduce conversion efficiency by up to 6%.

To passivate B-O-defects centrotherm developed a Regeneration process and equipment that is applied directly after fast firing, after sorting or even before
module manufacturing. The belt furnace c.REG potentially reduces LID to less than 1%. The Regeneration process chamber is designed in a modular concept matching different requirements of wafer material.


  • Reduction of LID by up to 90%
  • Modular design allows matching to specific wafer requirements
  • Integrated belt transfer handling


  • Solar cell regeneration
  • Passivation of B-O-defects