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Satisfied Customers

Our own success, as well as the success of our demanding customers, depends to a large extent on the performance of our production systems. Consequently, what drives our products and services is the quality concept of our customers. Our technology leadership and innovative power will offer our customers additional business advantages. Customer oriented delivery times and the quality of what we deliver paired with rapid response times, dependability and our international presence are all part of our comprehensive quality vision.


Thanks to well organized and structured processes in our development, design and production departments, we achieve the highest possible product and operational safety for our plants and systems.


Continuous Improvement Processes

Preventative quality assurance measures and tools safeguard the quality of our products. The company wide recording and analysis of quality indices, in conjunction with a homogeneous quality management system (QMS), confirms and safeguards the high quality standards of our products and processes. As part of our continuous improvement process, we strive to consistently and sustainably improve our quality index system.

Quality as an Executive Responsibility

Our executives maintain and increase the quality of our processes, products and services in-house and externally by setting verifiable quality goals. The development, motivation and satisfaction of our employees as well as defined responsibilities and interfaces paired with their scope for decision-making foster quality conscious performance.